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Understanding Dreams

The dream is our personal book of life. Its pages offer us a portal or doorway between divine reality and our everyday world of time-space experience. The information contained in my book  Waking Dream Therapy gives us answers to life, directions in life, understanding of our relationship to life, and our relationship with ourselves and others, and much more. Read more »

Getting to Know You, Getting To Know All About You

Q: Why did you want to become a doctor?  Read more »

To Marry or Not to Marry?

A dear student called me to discuss The Big M.  A handsome man, he has been chased by women his whole life yet he resists marrying.  Some would say he is commitment phobic, but I disagree. Read more »

Dementia and Alzheimer's: Forgetting to Remember

Much research is now invested in unearthing the secrets of reversing Alzheimer’s decay and dementia, highlighted by changes in the material of the brain and the attendant memory disturbances. Memory: a seemingly magical process of will and intention to bring to recall names, faces, facts, events, plans, and so on. Read more »

Love is the Thing

My spiritual teacher, Colette, made it clear that women are more highly evolved than their male counterparts and are here to teach men to change the will to power to the will to love. The Egyptians captured this in the myth of Isis and Osiris.

            Osiris was the god-king of Egypt who ruled the world between the living and the dead. He weighed the souls of the recently departed to see to what worldly realms they would be sent. His wife Isis was the goddess of wisdom. Read more »

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