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The Practice of Peacefulness: Act According to the 10 Laws

How do we fulfill the prophet Isaiah’s vision of the lion laying  down with the lamb, beating swords into plowshares, and not knowing war (murder) anymore? Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the 10 Laws and learn to practice them as a regular way of life. To practice the 10 Commandments, we watch how we respond to a situation or circumstance we encounter either inwardly or outwardly where we are commanded to act. But we often hesitate to act - to take the step we know needs to be taken in the moment. Why? Doubt invades our thoughts - is this the right step, the best step, etc. Read more »

Healing Anxiety & Stress with Mental Imagery

In mental imagery we restore ourselves to wholeness by repairing the fragmentation we experience inwardly as anxiety and other distressing emotions. By engaging with mental imagery for a few minutes a day we can re-member ourselves, that is, we can put ourselves back together in a new way.  Unlike, Humpty Dumpty, we always have the possibility to restore ourselves to wholeness at any moment. While we cannot necessarily change outside circumstances, we can always take charge of our minds - our thoughts, feelings and perceptions through mental imagery. Read more »

Winter Holiday Blues: Light Into the Darkness

In this season of light and dark - where the daylight is shortest and darkness longest - we have three festivals of light: the miracle of light known as Chanukah; the miraculous birth of the master of Christianity known as Christmas; and the celebration of the light of African American communities and traditions known as Kwanzaa.

At the outset of the Genesis of creation it is said, “Let there be light.” The revealed light of creation pierced the formless darkness. Light into the dark gave us this magnificent creative world. Read more »

Healing Through Mental Imagery: Thyroid

Healing Through Mental Imagery: Thyroid 

The thyroid gland is most important for helping to regulate the body’s metabolism.  This gland has the meaning of a door, or shield, or forest.  Read more »

Spiritual Talk from the West about Love

Mythological creation stories contain messages of truth. In Genesis, the Western Spiritual tradition tells of the planetary development and life on Earth (the formation of men and women). Adam and Eve, our homosapien ancestors, came to live in a world of perfection already prepared for our descent onto it.  Into this perfected Garden of Eden existence came the endmost perfected creatures – us!  Read more »

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