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The 10 Commandments: More Than a Playbook

  The 10 cosmic laws (aka the 10 commandments) show us the path to personal freedom.  The “don’t murder, don’t steal, and don’t covet” (i.e. don’t claim and possess what is not yours) are easy to understand.  By acting considerately towards others we create a peaceful world that perpetuates life.  Less easy for us to understand, particularly in a secular society, is the purpose of the first three laws dealing with our relationship to the Divine. 

The Value of Anger: Tapping Into Your Creative Potential

Anger is the experience that captures the mind and body.  It appears when desires flourish without the constraints of ethical law.  Society owes me.  He/she/they have it and I want it.  “The world is too much with me.”   Read more »

Celebrating Women Heroines: The Story of Esther

Women’s International Day 

             It’s auspicious that women finally have a day devoted to them.  Even colon cancer gets a whole month.  The least we can do is recognize women’s contribution to humanity for a day!  Read more »

Understanding Dreams

The dream is our personal book of life. Its pages offer us a portal or doorway between divine reality and our everyday world of time-space experience. The information contained in my book  Waking Dream Therapy gives us answers to life, directions in life, understanding of our relationship to life, and our relationship with ourselves and others, and much more. Read more »

Getting to Know You, Getting To Know All About You

Q: Why did you want to become a doctor?  Read more »

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