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Imagery for International Children's Month

Children are immediately attuned to imagery, having a powerful connection to the imagination.  Open to magic and play, they are less bound by rational, linear thinking than adults.  You can teach children how to image to help them heal from illness, reduce anxiety and fear, change their self image, deal with nightmares, school or family problems. Read more »

The Three Covenants: Moral Shields to Save our World

In the spiritual tradition of the West there are covenantal-sacred-contracts -  or agreements - created between God/Divine Consciousness and us. These agreements actually constitute a road to spiritual freedom.  Together, these agreements are laws of life and life giving laws. When we practice them, we create a moral shield that like the Ozone layer surrounding this planet, keeps us safe.  

Abrahamic Covenant Against Child Murder  Read more »

Dr. Epstein’s GEMS Provides Education about Spiritual Healthcare: The Powerful Mind/Body Connection

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Julie Klotter reviewed The Natural Laws of Self-Healing. This is an excerpt from her review, followed by some of Dr. Epstein’s blogs and imagery exercises on health conditions A-Z.  Read more »

Love Trumps Death

This fall, Dr. Jerry's newest book will debut. Here's a short summary of the book.

Love Trumps Death: The Spiritual Secrets of Longevity by Reversing Our Attachment to the Inevitability of Death brings findings in modern science together with the perennial wisdom of the Western spiritual tradition to demonstrate the rationale for both longevity and even the possibility of immortality in human life.  Whether we achieve immortality or not, we can each learn to live freer, unconditioned lives grounded in the present moment.  Read more »

Gossip and Secrets

My friend, Brendan Elliott, a researcher, keeps me appraised of new findings in the social sciences. Recently he forwarded two articles on the health benefits of “gossip” and “secrets”. Read more »

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