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Taking Charge of Anxiety

By Rosalind Hutton, MALS, LCSW 

Anxiety is ubiquitous in our existence. It is palpable and contagious.  We feel the physical surge of dread, fear or expectation course through our  bodies. As our bodies prepare for an “emergency” state, (which in fact is a misconception and/or misperception) it triggers physical manifestations of disturbance. This sequence of events becomes habitual, automatic, something we don’t think about, much like putting one foot in front of the other as we walk down the street.  Learning how to become the manager of our own emotional system reverses the robotic reaction, empowers us to choose a reflective response and places us in charge instead of enslaved. 

The Nine "I AM" Statements in the Old and New Testaments

Wanted to explore the  I AM statements found in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.  In the former, Moses asks the voice emanating from the burning bush, “Who are you?”  The voice answers, “I AM that I AM!”  In the latter, the seven I AM’s of Jesus are recorded in the Gospel of John:

More On Nocebos: When to Speak and When to Shut Up

As a clinician and teacher, I hear story after story about things said to people that stimulate anxiety, worry, fear, even dread. These said things that produce them are called nocebos. The root of the word is nocent, meaning to harm (in recent meaning “doing no harm”)

Re-Consecrating the Image

Images pervade our lives - and not just through advertising, Facebook and Snapchat! Yet few of us know how to read these images that come to us in our sleep and while awake in the form of dreams, mental imagery, faces we meet each day, and in daily life experiences.  These images - both inside and out -  are all interconnected and can bring us messages of wisdom and healing. 

What’s in a Word? How the Tiniest Part of Speech Reveals Our Largest Concerns of Life.

My teacher Colette was always a stickler for precision in language. During my long apprenticeship, her insistence to be precise came through even in her heavily French accented English. Our use of imprecise prepositions covers a vast area of unseen and unwitting destructive implications that permeate our lives. As you remember from grammar school prepositions are words that precede a noun or pronoun to show the noun’s (or the pronoun’s) relationship to another word in the sentence.

The Serpent and the Messiah Joined at the Hip: Two Visions of Salvation

1Timothy 6:10 states: 

 For the love of money is the root of all evil. People in desire for it have strayed from the faith and have pierced themselves with many pains (i.e. sorrows). 

Imagery for Hepatitis C: A success story reported by Dorri Olds

 Easy as A, B,C 

                            by Dorri Olds

 I felt way more tired than a twenty-eight year old should so I went for a checkup  The blood tests came back.  I had Hepatitis C.

Spiritual Prosperity: The Cosmic Bank Account

Prosperity generally refers to materials goods and attainments we acquire - the "perishables" as the great 19th century Indian Saint Sai Baba of Shirdi called them. However, there are also inner riches that we can cultivate through the practice of imagery. This article includes two imagery exercises "Net Worth Exercise" and "Barnacles of Attachment."

Remembering Ourselves Through Ritual

Read my latest column on Remembering Ourselves Through Ritual in Imaginews from the Journal of Imagery International  (June, 2012).


Read my latest column on Enlightenment in Imaginews from the Journal of Imagery International  (March, 2012). In it I discuss my own illuminative experience under my teacher Colette Aboulker-Muscat as well as the conditions necessary to work towards enlightenment.

Power Games on the Celebrity Apprentice

I tuned into Celebrity Apprentice TV show originated for Donald Trump.  I like doing so occasionally because it provides a clear view of the power games played out in the boardroom that can be abstracted to many other institutional-type settings.  It is always instructive for my teaching purposes in my school, The Blue Gate School of Spiritual Education.

How Do We Save Our World? By Giving Credit to Others

The Jewish holiday of Purim captures man’s genocidal impulse that has pervaded our world for millennia. In the western mystical tradition, it is said that in every generation there arises a villain whose aim is to eliminate an ethnic group who is considered a danger to the larger social order in power. 

Creating Abundance

Envy and Fear Drive Our Culture of Lack

The Moment

We are told repeatedly by many contemporary authors (and ancient sages) of spiritual practices to live in the now, to live in the moment, to live in the moment of now and so forth.  These statements are true, but only partially so.

Counterintuitive Or Counter Logical?

Counterintuitive has become a popular term in the mass media and journalistic writing.  It is a term that is misused, either not clearly understood by its user, or used as a prop to give the writer (and reader) an illusory idea that they are intuitive to begin with and have suddenly stumbled upon some sort of understanding in a situation that seems to be revelatory.  In both instances a mistake in understanding and awareness has been made.  But, first, let’s examine a little more closely what is supposedly counterintuitive.


My friend Beth went to the museum to look at the Egyptian collection, particularly the mummies.  She learned that in the mummification process the minor organs were removed, including the brain, while the heart was left intact in the body.  The brain was not preserved, but other organs were stored separately in canopic jars.  Beth’s response: “ I see.  If you want to live for thousands of years, you need to keep your heart intact, but you don’t need your brain.”  So, she hit on something at the core (or heart) of the matter.&n

The Elul Experience: Your Message For The New Year

      The 30 day period prior to the Hebraic new year called Rosh Hashanah (the head of the year) is a month called Elul, meaning God is in the garden, or God is drawing near.  At the time of the Day of Atonement (at-one-ment) called Yom Kippur, God is fully present with us. Here, the heavenly Book of Life is opened in which each of us may be inscribed for life for the coming year. The tradition holds that we actively participate in inscribing ourselves in this book of life through our acts of kindness, charitable givings, and prayers.

Curbing the Impulse to Murder (Cosmic Laws VI-X) & Learning to Act in Faith

The overarching theme of existence, exemplified now in particular, and human history in general, is murder.  Murder is the active taking of life with intent to gain power and control over others.  It provides an outlet for the human game of domination-subjugation/master-slave that are subsumed under the dark current of the Will to Power. In the Western spiritual tradition, we contract with God to perpetuate life for ourselves and for each other. We are never meant to actively pursue the extinction of our own life or of any else’s.

Healthcare vs Medical Care

The modern medical system has suddenly co-opted two terms that have not been part of its lexicon until now. These are: heal and healthcare.  Healing refers to coming into wholeness, and includes health and holiness. These four terms are derived from the same etymological root “kailo”, making them organically connected to each other. In the medical model there is never an inclusion of holiness as a factor within medical treatment. Instead, “cure” is commonly used to describe overcoming an ailment.

The Skeptics Stumbling Block: The Truth of Subjective Reality

     The difficulty with the skeptical  world is that it is exclusionary, driven by a materialist philosophy based on this foundational principle:  Only tangible physicality, perceptible to sensory awareness- driven by logic- in the quantitative reality that is measurable, calculable, and quantifiable is real.

Cure vs Healing

    A subtle misdirection has burrowed into way, like a worm, into the public media where they, together with the conventional medical establishment are constantly using the words heal and healing. These terms are not applicable to, nor consistent with the medical model, which has never regarded healers - the purveyors of healing - as legitimate, and truth to tell, treating them as frauds. 

Psychogenetic Transmissions: Finding the Organizing Beliefs that Direct Your Life

Not only is there a genetic transmission, which sows itself in our physical characteristics, but also a psychogenetic transmission. Such transmissions carry the family errors and strengths.  In turn they convey the organizing beliefs that direct our lives. That is to say there is one or two (rarely three, or more) in place from earliest life around which we organize our lives. These beliefs represent the psychogenetic transmission to be fulfilled (strengths) or corrected (errors).

Spiritual Matchmaking Through Archetypes

There have been quite a number of ways for matching men and women together over the centuries, nay millennia.  While I teach a number of ways, here’s one method that I’ve originated based on  “archetypes”. Here, archetypes mean an ideal example, model or quintessence.  These archetypes are based on the work of Toni Grant, a Jungian therapist who wrote a book outlining four main female archetypes: Amazon, Mother, Wise Woman and Courtesan. The latter being a woman of the court, who embodies beauty, courtesy, sensuality, and whose focus is on pleasing men.

A Lesson in Analogy or Spiritual Thinking: Matzoh vs. Communion Wafer

Spiritual thinking is  based in analogy rather than logic. In common parlance and conventional schooling analogy is presented as: This is to this as that is to that, focusing on points of similarity between two ideas or objects. In spiritual thinking analogic thinking seeks out  points of similarity and points of differences. Unlike conventional analogic thinking, we do not rely on logic to reach a conclusion. Rather we look to discover wholeness.

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