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Spiritual Talk from the West about Love

Mythological creation stories contain messages of truth. In Genesis, the Western Spiritual tradition tells of the planetary development and life on Earth (the formation of men and women). Adam and Eve, our homosapien ancestors, came to live in a world of perfection already prepared for our descent onto it.  Into this perfected Garden of Eden existence came the endmost perfected creatures – us!  Read more »

Faith and Doubt: Paradoxes of Paradoxes

Future thinking is fueled by doubt and faith at the same instant.  Doubt is clearly experienced in future voices, “futurenomics” (my terms for economic illusions), by indecision and “if-then” thinking as primary examples.

These are destructive mental disturbances, especially where there is no reasonable reason to be thinking this way, when they serve to paralyze movement in our own physiology, or in taking action in the world around us. Read more »

Holiday Celebrations & Connections: Never “Fuhgeddaboutit”

Many people are prone to say “Forget about it” to serve conversation where something is discussed like “Let me pay for the cab.”  The other person, in a generous mood, retorts, “Forget about it.  I’ll take care of it.” 

We don’t need more examples, for everyone knows what I’m talking about.  The phrase is usually said when the context is the past or future. Read more »

Love/Relationships: What Matters Most, Heart or Brain?

In Spiritual Science, the brain is a limb of the heart.  Cut out part of the brain (fixed organ) and one can continue to live.  Cut out part of the heart and there goes life.  Cardio-spiritual science (science of love) tends to be warmhearted. 

Neuroscience tends toward coldhearted.  Cardio-spiritual science appreciates new sciences.  I’m not so sure about the opposite.  Read more »

PTSD: Stress Versus Distress Disorders

I believe there is a different vision of how to look at what is called “post traumatic stress disorder” (PTSD).

The stimulus is in the nature of a great shock, such as encountered in a frightening war-created situation.  The remembering of the great shock extends well after the initial one has passed.  Read more »

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