Classes for Health Care Professionals

Interested in a certification or a post graduate certificate in this field? Call Dr. Epstein at 212–369–4080 to discuss the programs and arrange to sit in on a class. Along with his work with health care professionals at AIMI Dr Jerry also offers several courses to the general public.

Group Dream Experience

Group Dream Experience

In class attendance or call in. Enter at anytime. 

The dream is our personal book of life. Its pages offer us a portal or doorway between the divine, infinite reality and our everyday time-space life experiences. The information contained in this book gives us answers and insights for our life including: our state of health, our life direction, our relationship to others, the problems we face, and what possibilities are available to us at this moment. We shall engage here 7 key ingredients to help us read dreams in a spiritually based context.


Group Imagery Healing Experience

Group Imagery Healing Experience

In class attendance only.  Enter at anytime. 

Group imagery is a healing process of transformation. Neither therapy nor meditation, this practice allows us to access our inner source of wisdom. By turning our senses inward, away from the noise of the everyday world, we can freely access the favorable guidance of other dimensional realities. 


GEMS Clinical Group Supervision* - in class, mp3, or call in

Attendance: NYC In-class attendance, call-in by phone, or receive an mp3. International call in number available. Enter at anytime.

Using clinical presentations and client photographs, participants present challenging cases for group discussion. Participants deepen their therapeutic skills in morphology (face reading), mental imagery, dream reading, techniques of will, analogic thinking, phenomenology, and the understanding of the healing relationship. 


AIMI Certificate Training Program for Healthcare Professionals

AIMI Certificate Training Program for Healthcare Professionals

A BodyMindSpirit Certificate Training Program for Mental Health/Health Professionals

For questions or to enroll, call Dr. Jerry Epstein at 212-369-4080 or email 


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