AIMI Certificate Training Program for Healthcare Professionals

AIMI Certificate Training Program for Healthcare Professionals

A BodyMindSpirit Certificate Training Program for Mental Health/Health Professionals

For questions or to enroll, call Dr. Jerry Epstein at 212-369-4080 or email 


Dr. Jerry Epstein and the faculty of The American Institute for Mental Imagery  (AIMI) offers a spiritually-based training program open to all healthcare professionals. Upon completion of the coursework requirements, group supervision, and personal imagery work, AIMI awards mental health care professional a certificate of completion in Imagination, Phenomenology and Mental Imagery. Health professionals also receive a certificate. 


AIMI Faculty

  • This program can be completed in 18-24 months. 
  • You can start your AIMI studies even if you are not in the NYC area; however, this must be arranged individually with Dr. Epstein
  • Questions or to register: Call 212-369-4080 or email 

Expect a program of self transformation:  Our motto is learn by doing. And it all starts with you!  As you apply this work to yourself, you can apply this work to your clients. 

Learn a wholistic model of health: This training provides you with a comprehensive model of healing and re-education for your clients based in mental imagery (visualization) and cognitive techniques.  This new model, called “phenomenology”, looks at ourselves in our wholeness. Instead of dissecting ourselves into compartmentalized beings having physical issues, separate emotional issues, we examine the interconnectedness of our social, mental, physical, emotional, and even moral issues. 

No judgments, just possibilities: Learn a three-tiered model to address your clients issues: provide solutions for immediate problems, deeper work to get to the source of habitual “core” issues, and a framework for applying universal spiritual understanding/principal’s to one’s life.  


Teach your clients to let go of the past:  This approach is centered in the moment of now: we are not concerned with delving into the content of our past personal history or concerns about the future (i.e. “how did my past physical and emotional experiences create me to be like this now?” or “how the uncertainty of the future paralyzes action in the current moment?”). Instead clients discover answers by accessing their own inner wisdom through techniques such as mental imagery and awakening their will to change.  


Spiritual, Yes; Practical Yes!  Spiritually based, we start with the premise that there is a larger consciousness and connectivity that pervades the universe. This is not abstruse esoterica; everything studied here is meant to inform and enrich both your and your client’s daily lives.  


No more Professional Burn-out:  A new healing partnership between the “sufferer” (client/patient) and the “therapeutic friend” forms when the healer-practitioner accepts the sufferer without preconceived ideas, prejudices, and labels.  Instead the patient is accepted for who and what they are without judgmental critique.  There is no need to “fix” the client. This new relationship sets the stage for recovery, restoration to health, and healing to take place. 


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A BodyMindSpirit Wholistic Approach to Healing
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For questions, to enroll, or for current available classes and fees,  call Dr. Jerry (212-369-4080).