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Join us on a journey of self-revelation and discovery. ACMI Press is a specialty publishing company dedicated to producing contemporary works of high quality in the areas of imagination, imagery, healing, dreams, and spirituality. Our mission is to revive the millennial–old tradition of the imaginal experience in all its manifestations, and make it accessible for all to use in healing and transformation.

This tradition is rooted in the mystical and spiritual teachings of the West as expounded in all three monotheistic traditions. It first appears in the Jewish tradition via the writing of the Biblical Prophets, Rabbi Akiva and Isaac the Blind. It later runs through Christianity via the works of St. Ignatius, St. Hildegard of Bingen, and St. Teresa of Avila. Finally it is passed on in the Islamic mystical thought of Ibn Arabi and Rumi. Today, exponents of this path include, most notably, the late Mme. Colette Aboulker–Muscat of Jerusalem and her students.

ACMI Press publishes books ranging from the therapeutic application of mental (or guided) imagery for healing emotional, physical and topical problems of everyday life to the transformative inner journeys of waking dream. ACMI Press's books aim to educate you to be a free being by, as Colette Abdoulker-Muscat phrased it, "climbing the ladder of self mastery."

About ACMI Press: Dr. Jerry and Rachel Epstein are the publishers of NYC-based ACMI Press. In addition to publishing some of Dr.Jerry Epstein’s seminal books, ACMI Press also brings to market the groundbreaking work of Dr. Epstein's students and colleagues.

Upcoming Books: New in 2020 will be Dr. Jerry Epstein's opus We Are Not Meant to Die. Read an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT.

Reversing the Trauma of War: PTSD Help for Veterans, Active Duty Personnel and Their Families by Phyllis Kahaney and Rachel Epstein. Read Dr. Jerry's blog on PTSD.

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Dr. Jerry Epstein - We Are Not Meant to Die: The Spiritual Secrets of Longevity by Reversing Our Attachment to the Inevibility of Death

Love Trumps Death brings findings in modern science together with the perennial wisdom of the Western spiritual tradition to demonstrate the rationale for both longevity and immortality in human life.  Throughout the book, physiological and biological facts are interlaced with spiritual references that express this truth. After decades of scientific research and study, Dr. Gerald Epstein – a world renowned authority in the field of mental imagery & techniques for self-growth – reveals the techniques and methods for taking on this longevity/immortality process and demonstrates the physiological/biological benefits of practicing these in our daily lives.  They are easy to learn and apply, especially since one need only use one technique/method in a dedicated way to take aim at this possibility. Love Trumps Death  presents a sober, reasoned, coherent plan for longevity and immortality melding science and spirit and providing every reader with something of value to use and experiment with (as every true scientist needs and wants to do) to discover the truth for him or herself. Read an exclusive excerpt.

Simcha Benyosef - Reversing Cancer Through Mental Imagery 

Reversing Cancer provides a 12-step progressive program of mental imagery to help heal from cancer. Premised in a mind-body-spirit unity, the reader is invited to reconnect with her higher source of wisdom through a short daily practice of mental imagery. Through this reconnection to our source of healing, Benyosef introduces us to a realm of healing in a  ‘no time-no space zone’ available to us through mental imagery.  Here, through these simple yet powerful exercises we uproot physical cancer cells, enhance the immune system, and unburden ourselves of the recurrent fear associated with illness.  Equally as important, we clean out the negative emotions of guilt, anger, and regret that often play a role in the psycho-genesis of illness. As we are revitalized, Ben Yosef provides unique imagery to guide us in an ascent to higher levels of consciousness. Benyosef, a student of the late healer and teacher, Colette Aboulker-Muscat, worked hand in hand with Colette to craft this manual of healing  The book concludes with a tribute to Colette’s life - a celebration of her devotion to healing the many souls who passed through her threshold in Jerusalem. 


Phyllis Kahaney and Rachel Epstein - Reversing the Trauma of War: An Imagery Handbook for Veterans, Active Duty Personnel and Their Families
Written by a Vet Center counselor specifically for American active duty military personnel and veterans, Reversing the Trauma of PTSD provides a way to heal from the trauma of combat and helps warriors re-integrate into civilian life. Easy to learn and implement in daily life, these visualizations cover the most common hurdles faced by many warriors: insomnia. depression, anxiety, hyper-vigilance, guilt, triggers, and much more.