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Messages from Invisible Reality: Watch for Your 2021 Elul Experience

Pay attention to your 2021 Elul experience starting Sunday, August 8 - Monday, Sept 6.  Read more »

Against Fear

"Even when I sit in darkness, God is my light" (Micah 7:8) Read more »

On Hope

Hope is an inner light, giving us the impetus to go on living. It is the eternal prayer offered for the perpetual creation and continuation of life. Hope is the inner impulse that urges a woman to become pregnant and give birth. It is the source of respiration, that very energy of life. Read more »

Living with Uncertainty: Developing Faith

The Biblical harvest holiday of Succoth is marked by erecting temporary structures to live in for 7 days. Dwelling in these makeshift “tents” remind us of the precariousness of life, where gently winds can turn fierce at any moment. Read more »

Celebrating Jerry's Life: Living Without Anxiety

            Today, Feb 18 2021 marks the 2nd anniversary since Jerry's passing on the English calendar. For Jerry, nothing was by chance; and his date of departing was no exception. He left on his favorite number 18 (chai) – the Hebrew word for LIFE. So today, rather than embracing sadness, let us celebrate his life and teachings. Read more »

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