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Living with Uncertainty: Developing Faith

The Biblical harvest holiday of Succoth is marked by erecting temporary structures to live in for 7 days. Dwelling in these makeshift “tents” remind us of the precariousness of life, where gently winds can turn fierce at any moment. Read more »

Celebrating Jerry's Life: Living Without Anxiety

            Today, Feb 18 2021 marks the 2nd anniversary since Jerry's passing on the English calendar. For Jerry, nothing was by chance; and his date of departing was no exception. He left on his favorite number 18 (chai) – the Hebrew word for LIFE. So today, rather than embracing sadness, let us celebrate his life and teachings. Read more »

Reversing the Trauma of War - Book Review by Nick Brink, PhD

Review – Reversing the Trauma of War: A PTSD Imagery Handbook for Veterans, Active-Duty Personnel, and Their Families

by Phyllis Kahaney, M.S.W., Ph.D. and Rachel Epstein, L.Ac., J.D., New York, NY: ACMI Press, 2020. Read more »

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