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Changes in Our Self-Image for Weight Loss

By: Dr. Jerry Epstein

When you create a new internal self image, you boost changes to your physical shape and form. 

Once you envision yourself as thin, your body will follow this new internal directive. It will be easier for you to shed the pounds and more easily stick to any diet plan you choose.  Read more »

Mindbeams: Our Inner Source of Wisdom

by: Dr. Jerry Epstein

The concept of Mind is akin to the blind men and the elephants. In both scientific and spiritual circles, the term is oft used but ill defined. Indeed, my own understanding has shifted and deepened over the years. Early on, even in my training in psychiatry I abandoned the natural scientific materialist notion that there is the mind resides in the brain.  In my spiritual quest under Colette, I left behind the dualistic notion that there is a split between mind and body. Colette always referred to God as the “Absolute One Mind” A few weeks ago I had a revelation of how the one mind, cosmic consciousness, or whatever you want to call it, lives itself through us. I dubbed this phenomenon “Mindbeams”Read more »

When Is An Emergency Not One?

By: Dr. Jerry Epstein

The common denominator of all stressful responses is what the spiritual teacher Dr. Bob Gibson called the “emergency state.”

The emergency response is a normal physiological response to a conceived or perceived threat to oneself. Whether it is perceived or a real threat to our very existence, there’s a physical/emotional reaction.  Whatever the threat or the source, we respond in our incontrovertible way labeled by the eminent physiologist Hans Selye as “fight or flight.” Read more »

The 10 Commandments: More Than a Playbook

By: Dr. Jerry Epstein

The 10 cosmic laws (aka the 10 commandments) show us the path to personal freedom.  The “don’t murder, don’t steal, and don’t covet” (i.e. don’t claim and possess what is not yours) are easy to understand.  By acting considerately towards others we create a peaceful world that perpetuates life.  Less easy for us to understand, particularly in a secular society, is the purpose of the first three laws dealing with our relationship to the Divine. 

The Value of Anger: Tapping Into Your Creative Potential

By: Dr. Jerry Epstein

Anger is the experience that captures the mind and body.  It appears when desires flourish without the constraints of ethical law.  Society owes me.  He/she/they have it and I want it.  “The world is too much with me.”   Read more »

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