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Succoth - Connecting to our Ancestors

After Yom Kippur, Jews celebrate the holiday of Succoth, marking the festival of the autumnal harvest. During the holiday, Jews are instructed to live or dwell as much as possible in a make-shift booth (or sukkah) that is covered with a roof of foliage that provides shade from the sun during the day but permits one to see the light of the large stars at night. This “glamping” celebration of sorts reconnects us viscerally to the original nomadic spirituality of the monotheistic tradition. In fact, the word “Hebrew” means passing through -- coming from somewhere else.  Read more »

Watch for Your 2019 Elul Experience: Messages from Invisible Reality - Sunday Sept. 1 thru Sunday Sept. 29

The month of Elul preceeds the Hebraic New Year of Rosh Hashanah. In the mystical tradition, Elul is the month that God is in the garden, or God is drawing near. Read more »

Waking Dream: Harnessing the Power of Imagination to Transform Your Life

Catching the Moment: Overcoming Indecision and Acting

Reversing the Dog-Eat-Dog Mentality

Turning towards Spirit means turning away from the dog-eat-dog mentality that is built into the fabric of a purely materialist worldview.

Michael A Cremo[1] explains: Read more »

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