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Spiritual Thinking

We are all devoted to thinking.  Everyone exists here as thinking beings.  Spiritual thinking asks us to devote to a different way of thinking than we have been educated and conditioned to do.  It is a way to think promoting a virtuous, holy life that stirs us to love and to do service, to develop conscience, a sense and feeling for others’ feelings and behavior. Read more »

The Celestial Tree of Love

The story of creation in the western spiritual tradition conveys mythical messages of truth that speak to our planetary development, habitation on Earth, culminating with the furthest development of this creative endeavor that resulted  in the formation of men and women.  Homo sapiens came to live in a world of perfection already prepared for our descent onto it.  Into this perfected Garden of Eden existence came the endmost perfected creatures – us!  This means we are the perfection of creation.  We are the tree that is the fruit of Divine Will; the tree that is fruit is the Tree of Life.  We are this Tree, needing nothing to be added to us, nor can anyone or anything subtract from us.  Read more »

Taking Charge of Anxiety

By Rosalind Hutton, MALS, LCSW 

Anxiety is ubiquitous in our existence. It is palpable and contagious.  We feel the physical surge of dread, fear or expectation course through our  bodies. As our bodies prepare for an “emergency” state, (which in fact is a misconception and/or misperception) it triggers physical manifestations of disturbance. This sequence of events becomes habitual, automatic, something we don’t think about, much like putting one foot in front of the other as we walk down the street.  Learning how to become the manager of our own emotional system reverses the robotic reaction, empowers us to choose a reflective response and places us in charge instead of enslaved.  Read more »

The Nine "I AM" Statements in the Old and New Testaments

Wanted to explore the  I AM statements found in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.  In the former, Moses asks the voice emanating from the burning bush, “Who are you?”  The voice answers, “I AM that I AM!”  In the latter, the seven I AM’s of Jesus are recorded in the Gospel of John:

Read more »

More On Nocebos: When to Speak and When to Shut Up

As a clinician and teacher, I hear story after story about things said to people that stimulate anxiety, worry, fear, even dread. These said things that produce them are called nocebos. The root of the word is nocent, meaning to harm (in recent meaning “doing no harm”) Read more »

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