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Spiritual Prosperity: The Cosmic Bank Account

Prosperity generally refers to materials goods and attainments we acquire - the "perishables" as the great 19th century Indian Saint Sai Baba of Shirdi called them. However, there are also inner riches that we can cultivate through the practice of imagery. The article, linked below, includes two imagery exercises "Net Worth Exercise" and "Barnacles of Attachment." Read more »

Remembering Ourselves Through Ritual

Read my latest column on Remembering Ourselves Through Ritual in Imaginews from the Journal of Imagery International  (June, 2012). In it, you will learn how ritual takes you into the no time/no space zone. Read more »


Read my latest column on Enlightenment in Imaginews from the Journal of Imagery International  (March, 2012). In it I discuss my own illuminative experience under my teacher Colette Aboulker-Muscat as well as the conditions necessary to work towards enlightenment. Read more »

Power Games on the Celebrity Apprentice

I tuned into Celebrity Apprentice TV show originated for Donald Trump.  I like doing so occasionally because it provides a clear view of the power games played out in the boardroom that can be abstracted to many other institutional-type settings.  It is always instructive for my teaching purposes in my school, The Blue Gate School of Spiritual Education. Read more »

How Do We Save Our World? By Giving Credit to Others

The Jewish holiday of Purim captures man’s genocidal impulse that has pervaded our world for millennia. In the western mystical tradition, it is said that in every generation there arises a villain whose aim is to eliminate an ethnic group who is considered a danger to the larger social order in power.  Read more »

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