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Redefining "Nowhere"

The term “nowhere” defines a non-spatial referent.  There is no location specified and refers to what exists “outside” the dimensional space bounded as that is by height, width, depth.  As such, nowhere is actually no-where.  The imaginal  existence discovered through the process of mental imagery actually has no residence.  It belongs to no-where, making it independent of and not associated with a spatial location, nor conditioned upon any spatial boundary to confirm its legitimacy, authenticity or meaningfulness. Read more »

The Moment

We are told repeatedly by many contemporary authors (and ancient sages) of spiritual practices to live in the now, to live in the moment, to live in the moment of now and so forth.  These statements are true, but only partially so. Read more »

Counterintuitive Or Counter Logical?

Counterintuitive has become a popular term in the mass media and journalistic writing.  It is a term that is misused, either not clearly understood by its user, or used as a prop to give the writer (and reader) an illusory idea that they are intuitive to begin with and have suddenly stumbled upon some sort of understanding in a situation that seems to be revelatory.  In both instances a mistake in understanding and awareness has been made.  But, first, let’s examine a little more closely what is supposedly counterintuitive. Read more »


My friend Beth went to the museum to look at the Egyptian collection, particularly the mummies.  She learned that in the mummification process the minor organs were removed, including the brain, while the heart was left intact in the body.  The brain was not preserved, but other organs were stored separately in canopic jars.  Beth’s response: “ I see.  If you want to live for thousands of years, you need to keep your heart intact, but you don’t need your brain.”  So, she hit on something at the core (or heart) of the matter.&n Read more »

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