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Why Obama Can't Stand Up to the Right -- What His Face Reveals

        When President Obama was running for office my students and numerous friends asked me about his morphology (the form of his face i.e. face reading). I said he was a nervous temperament, primarily, and was extremely articulate and well spoken. Being very intelligent, more of an academic, scholarly type, he favors reasonable conversations with sensible men and women to reach a compromise or a common ground. Read more »

Understanding the 10 Cosmic Laws: Bringing Order into Our Lives (Laws 6- 10)

The overarching theme of existence, exemplified now in particular, and human history in general, is murder.  Murder is the active taking of life with intent to gain power and control over others.  It provides an outlet for the human game of domination-subjugation/master-slave that are subsumed under the dark current of the Will to Power. In the Western spiritual tradition, we contract with God to perpetuate life for ourselves and for each other. We are never meant to actively pursue the extinction of our own life or of any else’s. Read more »

Healthcare vs Medical Care

The modern medical system has suddenly co-opted two terms that have not been part of its lexicon until now. These are: heal and healthcare.  Healing refers to coming into wholeness, and includes health and holiness. These four terms are derived from the same etymological root “kailo”, making them organically connected to each other. In the medical model there is never an inclusion of holiness as a factor within medical treatment. Instead, “cure” is commonly used to describe overcoming an ailment. Read more »

The Skeptics Stumbling Block: The Truth of Subjective Reality

     The difficulty with the skeptical  world is that it is exclusionary, driven by a materialist philosophy based on this foundational principle:  Only tangible physicality, perceptible to sensory awareness- driven by logic- in the quantitative reality that is measurable, calculable, and quantifiable is real. Read more »

Cure vs Healing

    A subtle misdirection has burrowed into way, like a worm, into the public media where they, together with the conventional medical establishment are constantly using the words heal and healing. These terms are not applicable to, nor consistent with the medical model, which has never regarded healers - the purveyors of healing - as legitimate, and truth to tell, treating them as frauds.  Read more »

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