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Redeeming Ourselves: Giving Credit to Our Source.

Two thousand years ago, a sage noted in the  hebraic wisdom book, Sayings (Ethics) of the Fathers, that the world can only be redeemed by giving credit to our Source. In other words, the first step in saving our world is to start acknowledging a higher reality, cosmic consciousness, God, the One Mind, or whatever words you wish. To acknowledge the Source above, we start by giving credit to our sources here on earth. For if we can’t give credit to your sources here on earth, how can you give credit to our Source above? Read more »

What Is The Difference Between Mental Imagery and Dreams?


A student at my Institute was trying to define with me the difference between a mental imagery experience and dream imagery, particularly in describing these imaginal events  out loud in a group setting, such as happens in my group imagery and group dream classes held in NYC.  Read more »

Obama's Health Plan: Socialism or Christianity

Indignation is not quite the right word to describe the outcry of a boisterously vocal number of people and groups in response to President Obama’s health care bill to enfranchise the 46,000,000 Americans without health insurance. “It’s socialism,” was the battle cry. A fear swept over them that government would become more intrusive than ever, dominating our lives from birth to death, just as in Scandinavia. Neither Obama or his spokesmen sought to correct this error and correctly reframe the issue as “not socialism but Christianity!”  Read more »

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