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How to Know God .... While Standing on One Foot!

A former asked Colete many years ago, "how do you know God?" She replied, "it's really very easy. Just get rid of everything you don't need." Take this message with you into the next year. Blessings,Dr. Jerry 

Spiritual Adultery: Choosing and Sticking with a Spiritual Path

Taming Hurricane Irma

Imagery is a form of non-verbal prayer.

There is a large body of research showing the efficacy of communal prayer in creating physiological change in individuals suffering with life threatening illnesses – even when they did not know they were being prayed for. Likewise, imagery can be used to help shift global events as well. Many participate in these prayer groups. 

Here is an imagery to help diffuse the power of Hurricane Irma, modified from an imagery that my beloved teacher, Colette, taught me.  Read more »

Post-Vacation Blues

Almost everyone experiences some degree of difficulty making the transition from vacation back to regular everyday life.  It seems the longer the vacation, the harder the transition becomes. And with it comes a pull against getting back to “the grind” -- and the feeling I term “vacation blues.”

In the non-habitual vacation mode, there is a lessening or absence of the usual rules and regulations we abide by in everyday habitual life. Upon our return, we experience this loss of freedom acutely. Read more »

Total Solar Eclipse – Spiritual Implications

The Total Solar Eclipse – Spiritual Implications 

Some people have asked me my take on the solar eclipse.  An eclipse of the sun brings darkness and the cutting off of our physical source of our life. The events of the past couple of years have brought with it dark days and the growing rise of hyper-materialism, robotic life, heartlessness, and hate that has seemed to come into its full bloom by the advent of this total eclipse that it appears to symbolize.   Read more »

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