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The 10 Cosmic Laws & Love

There are two realities existing for us on earth. One is the horizontal, everyday, mundane habitual where we carry out our existence either in the service of truth or untruth; the other the spiritual, the one of the vertical: holiness, truth, carried out in the service of dedication to the One and its application to contributing to the well–being of self and others.
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HEART MATTERS: Love, Heart, Consciousness and the Mind

My teacher of blessed memory, Colette Aboulker–Muscat, gave me her definition of mind many years ago. She said it was ⁄ is the channel of communication between invisible and visible reality. There is no definition of this sort to be found in any dictionary. The materialist idea is the mind is a mental function of some sort located in the brain. A corollary to this materialist notion is that consciousness is located in the brain. Read more »

Verticality – The Axis of Freedom

The axis of freedom known transculturally throughout all the world traditions is the vertical. It seems natural to consider this direction as representative of freedom because to this direction is free from the pull of terrestrial gravity that keeps us rooted to the earth. In contrast, terrestrial gravity is connected with the horizontal dimension, the one of unfreedom.
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