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Richard Rubenstein, Professor of Conflict Resolution at George Mason University, writes in his book Thus Saith The Lord: The Revolutionary Moral Vision of Isaiah and Jeremiah (New York: Harcourt Books) that globalization is the way to world unity and fulfillment of Isaiah’s second proclamation of the end of war and the subsequent unity of human brother ⁄ sisterhood. I have to agree, but for reasons somewhat askance from Professor Rubenstein’s. His views await your perusal of his book. Read more »

Podcast: Thriving in Unwanted Change & Seeing Upset as Opportunity

Thriving in Unwanted Change & Seeing Upset as Opportunity, Plus Mental Imagery or Visionary Kabbalah for Healing Read more »

Economic Times

I am not an economic maven. But, I am a spiritual one. In that capacity I can see analogies between the two arenas. In spiritual understanding there is a four–fold process of life that has existed with us since our eviction from Eden. This process consists of initiative–>resistance–>form–>result. The potter initiates his ⁄ her idea for a pot. The clay is molded (initiative) against the wheel (resistance) creating a form (pot) leading to a result (the pot’s use). Read more »

The Gratitude List and a Healing Synchronicity to Boot

(A therapeutic and diagnostic tool based in the spiritual practices of Western mysticism)
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Imagery Research

News flash! I conducted research  with Dr. Ulas Kaplan of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. It centered on assessing heart rate variability from a program created by the Heart Math Institute out in California. Using mental imagery to control heart rate variability, this process was tested against two other variables: affirmations and simply thinking about the function. Heart rate variability is a function that defines the health and strength of the heart. The greater the variability the healthier is the heart.
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