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Podcast: Thriving in Unwanted Change & Seeing Upset as Opportunity

Thriving in Unwanted Change & Seeing Upset as Opportunity, Plus Mental Imagery or Visionary Kabbalah for Healing Read more »

Economic Times

I am not an economic maven. But, I am a spiritual one. In that capacity I can see analogies between the two arenas. In spiritual understanding there is a four–fold process of life that has existed with us since our eviction from Eden. This process consists of initiative–>resistance–>form–>result. The potter initiates his ⁄ her idea for a pot. The clay is molded (initiative) against the wheel (resistance) creating a form (pot) leading to a result (the pot’s use). Read more »

The Gratitude List and a Healing Synchronicity to Boot

(A therapeutic and diagnostic tool based in the spiritual practices of Western mysticism)
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Imagery Research

News flash! I conducted research  with Dr. Ulas Kaplan of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. It centered on assessing heart rate variability from a program created by the Heart Math Institute out in California. Using mental imagery to control heart rate variability, this process was tested against two other variables: affirmations and simply thinking about the function. Heart rate variability is a function that defines the health and strength of the heart. The greater the variability the healthier is the heart.
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Waking Dream vs Lucid Dream

In 1981 I published a book called Waking Dream Therapy. It was written for the therapeutic community, not intended for a general readership (although many have told me that it is a wonderful read for that audience). It was then, and still is, the best work done on the subject of waking dream (to be distinguished from lucid dreaming, as I’ll get to shortly). This visionary experience was first exposited in writing in the first 28 lines of the book of the prophet Ezekiel some 3000 years ago. Read more »

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