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The Alliance

Spiritual life in the West is defined by what may be called "the alliance." This is the pact made between us and the Eternal One in a dyadic (i.e. twosome) relationship. Our spiritual practice relies on maintaining this alliance despite the background noise of the world that constantly seduces us away from staying in the alliance: These include frustrations, threats, lures, intimidations, unbidden and unsolicited suggestions, and advice coming our way from without and within.
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Do The Strong Serve The Weak or The Weak Serve The Strong?

In the Western wisdom literature, namely the Bible, there is a phrase repeated 50 times: help the widows and orphans in their trials and tribulations. In other words the strong must serve the weak.
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The Ninth Cosmic Law

In a previous Dr. J’s Corner I referenced the 10th universal cosmic laws, mentioning I would proceed to comment in reverse order on all of them and their applicability in our everyday life.

Here’s the Ninth: Don’t Bear False Witness. Here are the elements connected with this law I’ve discovered. Some are well–known and of general knowledge. Others have occurred to me independently.

The generally known:

   a. Saying something true that shouldn’t be said
   b. Saying something untrue that shouldn’t be said (perjury)
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White Magicians & Black Magicians

White Magicians are those teachers or aware people who encourage you to find your individuation and make self–discovery through your own efforts. They know you have that power within to become your own authority. You become independent. They, in turn, have your best interests at heart.
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The Self–Improvement Fiction

There is a penchant amongst purveyors of "spiritual wisdom" to offer guides to self–improvement. These self–improvement speakers who endorse the self–improvement ideal (they adorn the airwaves all over the place) are misleading us by offering a pseudo–inspirational, basically anti–spiritual message.

In spiritual life there is no notion of self–improvement, which is understood as a man–made standard destined to be fulfilled (if that could ever be possible) in the future, that time–bound realm that doesn’t exist.
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