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Societal Change

There is a crying out for societal change in the wake of the violence laden, gratuitous murder of black men and women with impunity by some disturbed policemen. In my observation over a lengthy lifetime (thank God), I have noticed one main factor that could favorably effect such change over a prolonged period of time. Read more »

Contradictory Thoughts

We usually walk around with two contradictory thoughts in consciousness, which adds to a general state of confusion.

Commonly, the first thought takes the form of wanting to contemplate the future, take charge of it, control it, run it and the like. Through this constant, mental devising, we designate ourselves master of the future; we are our own independent authority on our life. Read more »

"Figuring it Out"

Through many years of observing myself and others, I discovered how so much of our conversations are dedicated to “figuring out” the other.  I’ve noticed when two or more women get together for example the conversation eventually involves seeking advice for the present trouble with their men. The advice sought revolves around trying to “figure him out,” understand his motives, how to allay the tension there, what he wants of “me,” what’s upsetting him, how to fix things, to get a divorce or not, and the like. Read more »

Imagination and Resurrection

One significant component of imagination and mental imagery is analogous to resurrection — the reanimation of the dead back to life. Read more »

Easter: From Death to Life

An important message of Easter, the return of the dead soul to life, bears the message that death can be overcome.  This event is called “resurrection.” This was not a unique phenomenon of the Abrahamic tradition, but found in many ancient cultures.  In modern life, we see this possibility nearing through technological-biological means.

Here is an exercise to live the depth of this Death to Life possibility.  Read more »

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