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The Myth of Auto-Immunity

The body is not stupid, nor malicious.  It is always seeking balance.

We constantly create poisons in our organism through mistaken perceptions and conceptions, generating false states of emergency.  These mistaken perception and conceptions generally concern a fear or anxiety about the future. Read more »

Purpose of Living

We are born on and borne into this Earth of two bodies:  1) an exterior physical one that lives and functions in the time-space world we inhabit; 2) an interior or soul substantive one, formless and not bound to linear time nor governed by the laws of this world. Shortly after birth, pressures are exerted by outer and inner forces to separate those two natures, those two bodies. Read more »

Love and Freedom: A Valentine's Message

In the experience of loving without strings or dependencies, the lover and the loved one merge in love; the lover accepts the loved one without conditions. This acceptance acts to free each party. This act of liberation occurs in a paradoxical way: through a warm, caring, heartfelt detachment of yourself where a space is created. Read more »

The American Dream

The American dream of wealth and fame is a concocted fantasy not available to the silent majority of 300 million people.  Rather, it is the fulfilled dream of 1% of Americans who possess more wealth than the combined bottom 90%. Read more »

What's Missing in Solution Based Healthcare

Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis have been created to be solution-based methods, essentially to solve problems.  As such they offer some benefits and value as temporary measures to right our “ship of life.” Read more »

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