10 Commandments

Reversing the Generation's Apocalyptic Vision

There is an ongoing and overwhelming feeling of despair about the impending destruction of the world amongst post-college, early twenties men and women. The feeling states associated are a deep angst, fear, worry about making a living, no hope, amongst others. Read more »

The 10 Cosmic Laws: Living an Integrated Spiritual Life


The 10 Laws/Commandments are divided into two distinct sequences of five each.  In iconography they are usually depicted thus:                   

  Read more »

We Are Not Meant To Die

Summer 2017 release of Dr. Jerry Epstein's  new book

All the practices presented within this book teach you to return to the is-ness of the moment, away from the ever-distracting noises that keep you rooted to the nonexistent past and future. All act to increase longevity, change your habitual response to the daily shocks of life, and reframe your purpose in living. Read more »

The Three Covenants: Moral Shields to Save our World

In the spiritual tradition of the West there are covenantal-sacred-contracts -  or agreements - created between God/Divine Consciousness and us. These agreements actually constitute a road to spiritual freedom.  Together, these agreements are laws of life and life giving laws. When we practice them, we create a moral shield that like the Ozone layer surrounding this planet, keeps us safe.  

Abrahamic Covenant Against Child Murder  Read more »

The 10 Commandments: More Than a Playbook

By: Dr. Jerry Epstein

The 10 cosmic laws (aka the 10 commandments) show us the path to personal freedom.  The “don’t murder, don’t steal, and don’t covet” (i.e. don’t claim and possess what is not yours) are easy to understand.  By acting considerately towards others we create a peaceful world that perpetuates life.  Less easy for us to understand, particularly in a secular society, is the purpose of the first three laws dealing with our relationship to the Divine. 

The Practice of Peacefulness: Act According to the 10 Laws

How do we fulfill the prophet Isaiah’s vision of the lion laying  down with the lamb, beating swords into plowshares, and not knowing war (murder) anymore? Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the 10 Laws and learn to practice them as a regular way of life. To practice the 10 Commandments, we watch how we respond to a situation or circumstance we encounter either inwardly or outwardly where we are commanded to act. But we often hesitate to act - to take the step we know needs to be taken in the moment. Why? Doubt invades our thoughts - is this the right step, the best step, etc. Read more »

Spiritual Thinking

We are all devoted to thinking.  Everyone exists here as thinking beings.  Spiritual thinking asks us to devote to a different way of thinking than we have been educated and conditioned to do.  It is a way to think promoting a virtuous, holy life that stirs us to love and to do service, to develop conscience, a sense and feeling for others’ feelings and behavior. Read more »

Understanding the 10 Cosmic Laws: Bringing Order into Our Lives (Laws 6- 10)

The overarching theme of existence, exemplified now in particular, and human history in general, is murder.  Murder is the active taking of life with intent to gain power and control over others.  It provides an outlet for the human game of domination-subjugation/master-slave that are subsumed under the dark current of the Will to Power. In the Western spiritual tradition, we contract with God to perpetuate life for ourselves and for each other. We are never meant to actively pursue the extinction of our own life or of any else’s. Read more »

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