Dementia and Alzheimer's: Forgetting to Remember

Much research is now invested in unearthing the secrets of reversing Alzheimer’s decay and dementia, highlighted by changes in the material of the brain and the attendant memory disturbances. Memory: a seemingly magical process of will and intention to bring to recall names, faces, facts, events, plans, and so on. Read more »

Alzheimer’s Part 2

In his work Meditations on the Tarot, the great spiritual master Valentin Tomberg, writing under the pseudonym Anonymous, stated that people engaged in spiritual life and practice have an immunity against developing Alzheimer’s disease. My personal experience of knowing such people through the 50 or so years spent along this pathway has confirmed this for me. My own spiritual teacher, Colette Aboulker–Muscat died at nearly 95 with intact mental functioning. Read more »

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