Living with Uncertainty: Developing Faith

The Biblical harvest holiday of Succoth is marked by erecting temporary structures to live in for 7 days. Dwelling in these makeshift “tents” remind us of the precariousness of life, where gently winds can turn fierce at any moment. Read more »

Striving for Permanence in an Impermanent Reality

...When we insist on holding on to the illusion of fixity in an unfixed, ever-changing world, we are setting ourselves up for a fall, for a hit to our physiology and biology that creates entropy and ultimately, death...

Our life on Earth is presented as a paradox where we strive to make permanent what is absolutely impermanent in this impermanent time-space reality. Read more »

Faith and Doubt: Paradoxes of Paradoxes

Future thinking is fueled by doubt and faith at the same instant.  Doubt is clearly experienced in future voices, “futurenomics” (my terms for economic illusions), by indecision and “if-then” thinking as primary examples.

These are destructive mental disturbances, especially where there is no reasonable reason to be thinking this way, when they serve to paralyze movement in our own physiology, or in taking action in the world around us. Read more »

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