What's Missing in Solution Based Healthcare

Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis have been created to be solution-based methods, essentially to solve problems.  As such they offer some benefits and value as temporary measures to right our “ship of life.” Read more »

We Are Not Meant To Die

This fall, Dr. Jerry's newest book will debut. Here's a short summary of the book.

We are Not Meant to Die:  Spiritual Secrets of Longevity to Reverse Our Attachment to the Inevitability of Death brings findings in modern science together with the perennial wisdom of the Western spiritual tradition to demonstrate the rationale for both longevity and even the possibility of immortality in human life.  Whether we achieve immortality or not, we can each learn to live freer, unconditioned lives grounded in the present moment.  Read more »

Imagery For Menopausal Symptoms: Till the Clouds Roll By

            The Today Show on NBC and Dr. Oz Show interview many experts on how to survive menopause and what’s colloquially known as “The 4 a.m. Club,” of exhausted females who stare down the clock’s ticking hands…then get up unrefreshed.

            Healing through mental imagery can help both with sleep, anxiety and hot flashes associated with menopause. Here is an imagery exercise that I hope will work for you. Read more »

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