We Are Not Meant To Die

Summer 2017 release of Dr. Jerry Epstein's  new book

All the practices presented within this book teach you to return to the is-ness of the moment, away from the ever-distracting noises that keep you rooted to the nonexistent past and future. All act to increase longevity, change your habitual response to the daily shocks of life, and reframe your purpose in living. Read more »

Healthcare vs Medical Care

The modern medical system has suddenly co-opted two terms that have not been part of its lexicon until now. These are: heal and healthcare.  Healing refers to coming into wholeness, and includes health and holiness. These four terms are derived from the same etymological root “kailo”, making them organically connected to each other. In the medical model there is never an inclusion of holiness as a factor within medical treatment. Instead, “cure” is commonly used to describe overcoming an ailment. Read more »

Cure vs Healing

    A subtle misdirection has burrowed into way, like a worm, into the public media where they, together with the conventional medical establishment are constantly using the words heal and healing. These terms are not applicable to, nor consistent with the medical model, which has never regarded healers - the purveyors of healing - as legitimate, and truth to tell, treating them as frauds.  Read more »

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