Your Mind Is An Elusive Critter

The mind is an elusive critter, but sometimes it needs to be coaxed into cooperating so our intentions and actions work in harmony. 

There are many figures of speech substantiating the mind’s existence:  “What do you have in mind?”  “You are in my mind!”  “My mind is elsewhere.”  These phrases can go on endlessly.  Some people we think are out of their mind!

Most people are in one or the other camp as to whether the mind is materialistic or spiritual. Read more »


My friend Beth went to the museum to look at the Egyptian collection, particularly the mummies.  She learned that in the mummification process the minor organs were removed, including the brain, while the heart was left intact in the body.  The brain was not preserved, but other organs were stored separately in canopic jars.  Beth’s response: “ I see.  If you want to live for thousands of years, you need to keep your heart intact, but you don’t need your brain.”  So, she hit on something at the core (or heart) of the matter.&n Read more »

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