Holiday Celebrations

Celebrating Women Heroines: The Story of Esther

Women’s International Day 

             It’s auspicious that women finally have a day devoted to them.  Even colon cancer gets a whole month.  The least we can do is recognize women’s contribution to humanity for a day!  Read more »

Toss Out New Year’s Resolutions: A Better Plan

        Resolution means creating a determination toward some purpose or goal. To start, try not to frame your resolution in the future “I’m going to”, “should”, “could”, “ought to”, “will”, “must”, “have to”, and the like. This future talk fails, as it is not in the present moment, the only place we can act!  Read more »

Holiday Celebrations & Connections: Never “Fuhgeddaboutit”

Many people are prone to say “Forget about it” to serve conversation where something is discussed like “Let me pay for the cab.”  The other person, in a generous mood, retorts, “Forget about it.  I’ll take care of it.” 

We don’t need more examples, for everyone knows what I’m talking about.  The phrase is usually said when the context is the past or future. Read more »

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