We Are Not Meant To Die

Summer 2017 release of Dr. Jerry Epstein's  new book

All the practices presented within this book teach you to return to the is-ness of the moment, away from the ever-distracting noises that keep you rooted to the nonexistent past and future. All act to increase longevity, change your habitual response to the daily shocks of life, and reframe your purpose in living. Read more »

To Marry or Not to Marry?

A dear student called me to discuss The Big M.  A handsome man, he has been chased by women his whole life yet he resists marrying.  Some would say he is commitment phobic, but I disagree. Read more »

Love is the Thing

My spiritual teacher, Colette, made it clear that women are more highly evolved than their male counterparts and are here to teach men to change the will to power to the will to love. The Egyptians captured this in the myth of Isis and Osiris.

            Osiris was the god-king of Egypt who ruled the world between the living and the dead. He weighed the souls of the recently departed to see to what worldly realms they would be sent. His wife Isis was the goddess of wisdom. Read more »

What Women (and Men) Need in Relationships

Women are, in contrast to men, stronger, more complex, deeper, live longer, and generally have about 100,000 more sensory nerve endings in their skin than do men. What do these marked differences between the sexes mean for a relationship’s  stability and longevity? Read more »

Love Your Self

I recently got an email from my student Brendan, who has been attending my classes for many years. I want to share this with all of you. 

Brendan wrote:  Read more »

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