Classes for Everyone

GEMS I: Foundations of Healing - Starts Oct. 4, 2023

Embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery and empowerment or expand upon your existing knowledge of the healing process through this foundational course in self-healing tools and techniques.


Introduction to Feng Shui: A Two Part Workshop - Starts Oct. 28, 2023

Part One: Unlock the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui and harness its power to create harmony and balance in your living spaces. In this comprehensive introductory course, you'll delve into the principles of Feng Shui, its history, and practical applications that can positively impact your environment and well-being. Curriculum will include imagery, the history of Feng Shui, the three types of Chi, Yin/Yang Theory, the Five Elements and their cycles, and compass reading of the elements of a room.


ADVANCED CLASS - Rhondell's "Science of Man": A Year of Transformation - Feb 2023 - jan 2024

Using Robert Rhondell Gibson’s book, The Science of Man, this class offers a profound psycho-spiritual system for self-examination and self-development. It provides a simple matrix to understand how we develop "negative" patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, that keep us enslaved. Through 48 lessons, we learn a method of mindfulness in action where we simultaneously develop the capacity to watch our social patterns  as well as disidentify from the "ego" or "false selves."


Healing from Cancer and Chronic Illness: Illness as a Transformative Process - Starts Oct. 4, 2023

When facing the daunting battle against cancer and chronic illness, the mind becomes an equally vital battleground as the body. The overwhelming fear of recurrence, pain, and mortality can weigh heavily, leaving you disconnected from the present and robbed of life's essence. This extraordinary eight-week class will guide you towards true healing and empowerment that will support you in cultivating mental and physical strength and wellness. You will utilize mental imagery to tap into your innate healing capacity and learn how to reverse your responses to the chronic stressors in your life.


Group Dream Reading - Starts Sep. 12, 2023

Dreams not only help us process the events of the day, they also carry deep meanings and messages for us, answering questions and revealing information about our social, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical lives. But unless we know how to read them, dreams are often of little use.


GEMS II: The Wisdom Keepers - Starts Sep. 19, 2023

Utilizing written materials and interactive discussion, this class unveils the realms of imagination, intuition, love, detachment, and healing, guiding you to develop a greater understanding of the Western Spiritual Traditions to enhance your personal spiritual practice.


Imagery: Building a Body of Light - Starts Sep. 19, 2023

For centuries, the profound practice of mental imagery, called the intelligence of the heart, has held the key to unlocking inner wisdom, igniting transformative change, and forging connections to the divine realms. This experiential class teaches you how to turn your senses inward to access your intuition and unlock your inner guidance, healing, and transformation. Each week, you are led through multiple illuminating imagery exercises and will have the opportunity to share your awe-inspiring experiences with a close-knit group of fellow seekers.

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