Classes for Everyone

Interested in learning more? AIMI offers several courses in the NYC area, by phone and through MP3. AIMI also offers classes and workshops specifically tailored for health care professionals through AIMI.

GEMS I: Foundations of Healing - Starts September 20, 2022

Want to jumpstart your own healing process or deepen your understanding of how healing works?  This class is for you. GEMS 1 covers the fundamentals of self-healing. 


It's Got Teeth! An Introduction to Building Your Personal Magical Practice - Starts January 6, 2023

This four week class teaches practitioners how to create a magical practice that is unique to them, integrates a variety of magical tools and techniques, and is deeply rooted in personal history and cultural context.


Imagery with Children - Starts November 7, 2022

“WHAT MAGIC DID YOU DO? My children don't fight anymore!" - Mother of sons, aged 8 and 10 years, formerly constantly fighting.


Healing Stress & Trauma through Mental Imagery—Starts October 30, 2022

Covid has left many of us feeling burnt out, anxious about the future, isolated, and filled with grief and sadness. Mental Imagery, or visualization, is a powerful method that can help us regain our inner strength, joy, and faith in life itself.

Practicing imagery regularly helps us to regain balance by coming back into the present moment, instead of dwelling in past memories or future fears. With imagery, we can seed new possibilities for ourselves and weed out experiences and memories that are no longer serving us.


A Treasure Hunt in Search of Our Archangels: How to Tap Into the Angelic Realm for Wisdom and Guidance - Starts October 1, 2022

Despite the chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic, this is a beautiful time for our planet.

The Earth’s energetic frequencies are changing and unveiling themselves as we move toward greater peace. On a personal level, we can shift the energetic frequencies within and around us by tapping into the angelic realm for guidance and wisdom.

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