Classes for Everyone

Interested in learning more? AIMI offers several courses in the NYC area, by phone and through MP3. AIMI also offers classes and workshops specifically tailored for health care professionals through AIMI.

GEMS I: Foundations of Healing

 This foundational course covers the fundamentals of healing using western monotheistic spiritual and metaphysical principles and practices.


Know Thy Self: An Introduction to Face Reading

Want to understand yourself or others better?  Learn the secrets that your face and body reveal.


Advanced Readings in Rhondell

This class is a continuation of last year’s introduction to Rhondell course.


Dream Reading

Dreams not only help us process the events of the day, they also carry deep meanings and messages for us, answering questions and revealing information about our social, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical lives. But unless we know how to read them, dreams are often of little use.


A Year of Transformation: Introduction to Rhondell's Science of Man

Using Robert Rhondell Gibson’s guidebook, The Science of Man, this class offers a profound psycho-spiritual system for self-examination and self-development.

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