Classes for Health Care Professionals

Interested in a certification or a post graduate certificate in this field? Call Rachel Epstein, Director of AIMI at 646–269–4742 to discuss the programs and arrange to sit in on a class.

GEMS I: Foundations of Healing - Starts January 22 2022

 This course covers the fundamentals of self-healing using western monotheistic spiritual and metaphysical principles and practices.


Weekend Dream Reading for Beginners - starts Sat Oct 30 2021

Building on  the 2 HR Intro to Dream Reading (Oct 23 2021), participants learn how to read the language of dreams and the messages they bring to us about health,  life direction, choices, and possibilities. 


2022: A Year of Transformation: Rhondell's Science of Man (Jan-Dec 2022)

Using Robert Rhondell Gibson’s book, The Science of Man, this class offers a profound psycho-spiritual system for self-examination and self-development. It provides a simple matrix to understand how we develop "negative" patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, that keep us enslaved. Through 48 lessons, we learn to identify more and more with awareness rather than with the constant chatter that we take to be ourselves. 


Know Thy Self II: Advanced Face Reading - Starts Thu Feb 3 2022

This 6 session advanced face reading class focuses on characterology, muscles of the face and their emotional analogues, and practicing your existing face reading skills.


Clinical Supervision: Honing Your Skills - TBA

Please call  the Institute (646-269-4742) if you are interested in this class

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