to bring money

The Revenue Stream

To increase your money or finances

Close your eyes.

Breathe out three times slowly.

Imagine yourself as a fisherman, standing in a crystal clear stream of water wearing rubber boots and your fisherman’s gear, carrying a net and basket.  See a school of dollar bills of all denominations swimming like fish down this revenue stream.  As the bills come swimming by, you catch them in your net and put them into your basket.  When the basket is filled, leave the stream knowing that you have caught what you need.

Breathe out once and open your eyes.



The Golden Net Exercise

To Get a Job or something you need; or to contain something you want

Close your eyes. Breathe out three times slowly. See yourself as a fisherman casting a golden net over the city in which you live to bring in the job you need, want, or have to get. Draw the net in knowing that some jobs have slipped through the mesh but that others have been caught. Spontaneously take out of the net the one that seems most appealing to you. See the form of what you remove and the title or name of the job. Do it without reservation, doubt, hesitancy, or inhibition. Read more »

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