Be as a Tree: for Healing and Detoxifying

To Heal and Detoxify
  • Close your eyes and breathe out three times slowly.
  • Sit at the base of a great tree that has a strong trunk and lens and roots and luscious green leaves.
  • Grow up with the tree, as to become as tall as the tree. Then become one with the tree.
  • Sense and feel the leaves sending their chlorophyll down through the body, removing all toxins and diseased cells, and anything that does not belong there.

Imagery Exercise: Taking a Bite Out of Cancer

To Heal From Cancer
  • Close your eyes.
  • Breathe out long slow exhalations through the mouth and normal inhalation through the nose, do this for three rounds of breathing.
  • Imagine cancer as a serpent come to swallow you.

Clearing Up Chemo Brain

To take away confusion, mental slowness, memory loss, and lack of concentration that accompanies chemotherapy

Close your eyes. Breathe out three times slowly. Imagine yourself in the jungle of confusion in your brain created by chemotherapy. You have with you a golden vacuum that cleans away the entangled vines and overgrown underbrush, clearing a path in front of you. Know as you do so you are disentangling yourself from the confusion. Breathe out one time. In front of you now is your golden bridge to a new future. You cross it and find on the other side your path. Take it and discover what is there for you to give you healing. Breathe out and open your eyes. Read more »

The Golden Machete

Clear Obstacles and Make New Discoveries

Close your eyes. Breathe out three times slowly. Have with you a golden machete (or any other similar sort of cutting tool) to clear away the entangled vines in a jungle blocking your way. You cut them away to clear a path to a bridge that takes you to a new future. You may experience the vines themselves as your obstacle or you may immediately see, in image form, whatever the obstacle may be. If you see an image of the obstacle you will know immediately what to do about it. As the vines are cleared and the path revealed you reach the bridge. Read more »

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