For Our Military Heroes : The Room of Silence

To quell anxiety and reduce sensitivity to noise

The Room of Silence Exercise

Sit up in a chair, close your eyes and breathe out slowly three times.

Remember, just the act of long, slow exhalations and brief inhalations will reduce anxiety. You are doing The Room of Silence Exercise to quell or stop anxiety, and it takes up to 15 seconds. Use it whenever you feel anxious. 

  • Imagine yourself in a room together with the feeling of anxiety.
  • Turn your back on the anxiety and find the door to the right out of that room to go into another room.
  • If there is noise/cacophony go through that door to your right, eventually coming to a room of silence where the noise has stopped.
  • When you come to that room of silence, look around and see what you discover there.
  • You may have to go through door after door after door in each room until eventually you come to the room of silence and when you do, the anxiety is gone.
  • See what you discover in that room.  And when you are finished, you can breathe out and open your eyes. 

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