Classes at AIMI for Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Jerry Epstein offers classes and workshops for health care professionals and the general public through The American Institute for Mental Imagery (AIMI). Interested in a certification or a post graduate certificate in this field? Call Dr. Epstein at 212–369–4080 to discuss the programs and arrange to sit in on a class.

Applying Western Spiritual Therapeutics to Clinical Practice

Attend in person, by computer, telephone call in, or Mp3. 

Using Robert Rhondell Gibson’s guidebook, The Science of Man, this class offers a simple psycho-spiritual system for self-examination and self-development.

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AIMI Certificate Training Program for Healthcare Professionals

A BodyMindSpirit Wholistic Approach to Healing

An Integrative Healthcare Certificate Training Program for Mental Health/Health Professionals

For questions or to enroll, call Rachel Epstein, Director of AIMI at 646-269-4742 or email 


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GEMS Clinical Group Supervision

For Health Care Professionals

Attendance: video conference call. 

Using clinical presentations and patient/client photographs, participants present challenging case studies for group discussion. Participants deepen their therapeutic skills in morphology (face reading), mental imagery, dream reading, techniques of will, analogic thinking, phenomenology, and the understanding of the healing relationship. 

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GEMS I: Foundations of Healing - STARTS JAN. 21, 2020

Dr. Jerry's basics of healing

 This foundational course covers the fundamentals of healing using western monotheistic spiritual and metaphysical principles and practices.

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GEMS II: The Wisdom Keepers

Attend in-person, call-in via computer or tel. or receive an mp3 recording.

An example of a traditional “Wisdom School,” GEMS II offers a deep dive into the fundamentals of the lost western, monotheistic spiritual traditions, further exploring the philosophies of healing introduced in GEMS I.

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Group Dream Reading Experience

Reading the Book of Your Life: An Experiential Class

Dreams not only help us process the events of the day, they also carry deep meanings and messages for us, answering questions and revealing information about our social, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical lives. But unless we know how to read them, dreams are often of little use.

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Imagery: A Group Healing Experience

Based on the principle that all one’s answers lie within, this class teaches students how to turn their senses inward to access their intuition in order to find guidance, healing, and transformation.

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