The 10 Cosmic Laws: The Gift and the Contract

The 10 Cosmic Laws, the Gift of spiritual life, provide a code of behavior we are free to accept or reject.  The second five consist of how to conduct yourself with others: don’t murder, don’t pollute i.e. mix or adulterate and weaken, don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t covet i.e. curb avarice and greed, where you claim for yourself what doesn’t belong to you.  They prescribe the spiritually lawful way of social behavior in our socially shared world.  These are the terms of our social contract with each other:  our being together in this horizontal reality of time-space existence — our material reality. 

Complementing our social contract, the first five consist of the contractual terms between ourselves and vertical or spiritual reality:  leave the intimacy between us and God unimpeded; no substitutes physically, mentally, socially; love God with all your heart, soul, and power; observe this holy communion by remembering and observing the Sabbath; honor your father and mother on earth, so you can honor our Father and Mother above.

These 10 Laws are bestowed on us as both a gift and contract. A gift is freely, happy, and gratuitously given, nothing expected in return.  A contract is a verbal or written agreement between two parties where mutually agreed-upon terms of give-and-take between giver and receiver are stipulated.  From the Western view, a spiritual life is both a gift and a contract:  a gift from the Divine freely delivered, and a contractually binding acceptance of taking on the practice(s) in an orderly, faithful, ongoing way, without hesitation.  We agree to honor the social contract and the spiritual contract as stated earlier. Nowhere else in spiritual or material life does this stated dual purpose exist in human relationships.

The first momentous contract/gift experience in human history was Abraham’s conversations with God, read in Genesis 12.  The second occurred on Mount Sinai with the giving of the 10 Laws.  Both episodes inherently held and explicitly conveyed the promise of freedom, redemption, salvation, and overcoming death/eternal life.

God wants us.  Do we want God?  If “yes,” great!  If “no,” great!  Our choice is always honored and respected.

For more about applying the 10 Commandments in your life, see Healing into Immortality, Chapter 3 and The Natural Laws of Self Healing.

                                                Love and Light,