The 10 Cosmic Laws: Living an Integrated Spiritual Life


The 10 Laws/Commandments are divided into two distinct sequences of five each.  In iconography they are usually depicted thus:                   



For me this division reflects the heart and brain.  The heart is divided into a left and right side, each having two chambers of four distinct compartments.  The brain is divided into a left and right side, separated by a membrane called the “corpus callosum.”

The left side of this “tablet,” or table of laws (its right side) describes activities we undertake to accept and devote ourselves in practice to an intangible reality.  The right side (its left) describes activities to practice in our relationship to tangible reality here in our socially shared world.

Actually, the pivot point between the two realities is number 5, honoring father and mother.  To honor father and mother here, the ones from whom we sprang, enables us to know our Father and Mother above in the intangible realm.

There are two main practices that bring together these two worlds that constitute an integrated spiritual and spiritualizing life.  They are:  1) the active practice of the 10 Laws in everyday life so as to sacralize it, make it holy; 2) the active practice of the seven Divine Forces, by attention to them:  love, faith, hope, will, imagination, intuition, light. Awareness, attention, alertness are heightened along with expanded consciousness. Here our lived experience in the outer and inner worlds is interlocked and integrated.  In consequence we become healed, whole, at one with ourselves and in a holy alliance with the Absolute One Mind.

My job as a teacher is to act as a guide to take one from the everyday world into this sacred one.  In doing so, we come to know and to honor our two natures:  material and spiritual.

See Healing into Immortality, Chapter 3, for more information on the 10 Cosmic Laws, or join me for a class