The 10 Cosmic Laws & Love

There are two realities existing for us on earth. One is the horizontal, everyday, mundane habitual where we carry out our existence either in the service of truth or untruth; the other the spiritual, the one of the vertical: holiness, truth, carried out in the service of dedication to the One and its application to contributing to the well–being of self and others.

Regarding these two realities we can understand the place of the 10 Cosmic Laws (also called Commandments) and Love. The former are the imperatives surviving in perpetuity (that’s why they are called laws). Their role is to give direction and the conditions (not rules) by which human beings can live in harmony, peace and in an orderly existence with each other and with our Source. They serve the horizontal world perfectly well. They help us sustain life and deflect the occurrence of illness and imbalance pervading our world.

The latter, Love, is a vertically supplied force. It is an antidote to death. Along with faith, it is the great healing force. The latter permits us to know there is a way out of the bondage imposed on us in the horizontal reality. "Love is as strong as death," said the wisest of kings – King Solomon in Song of Songs. Death is unlove. Love is undeath. Unhook from the vertical you have death. Unhook from the pull of decay exerted by the horizontal world without a vertical ⁄ spiritual anchor you have love ⁄ life. That’s what my work is all about.