2020 Insight: Forget Resolutions

Today, I “serendipitously” came across my 1999 resolutions. Needless to say, none of my “pressing issues” were resolved until decades later. But of course, we all know the real work of life doesn’t happen in a linear way.  So this year, in the spirit of freeing myself from time, I am scrapping the making of “resolutions”—no more things to accomplish, no more predicting the future, no more trying to control.  Instead, I’m standing by the alternate meaning of resolution: “to heal.”

I invite you to join me in a new resolution: to listen to your inner voice, your seat of wisdom—as Jerry said, “to be your own authority.” Here, I defer to Kelly Rae Roberts’ Permission Granted, which captures the essence of dropping resolutions in favor of listening to our inner voice, bringing healing into your new year.



Permission granted to…

Say no.  To cancel plans.

To take as long as you need.

To change your mind.

To stand your SACRED GROUND.


Permission granted to…

Take a nap.  To RESTORE and REST.

To tune-out so you can tune-IN.  To drive

Slow.  To live slow.


Permission granted…

Surround yourself with only those who

DELIGHT your SPIRIT. To wear whatever

Brings you JOY.  To SHINE.  To PLAY big.

Permission granted to…


To wander.  To take up  S P A C E.

To not know the lyrics.  To SING anyway.

And finally, permission granted to…

Choose YOURSELF over the might to-do lists.

Because you are GOLD.

  -- And you are worth choosing.


So instead of resolutions, close your eyes, breathe out three times slowly and fill in the blankPERMISSION GRANTED TO___________________________