About God

In speaking with my student Jacqueline today about God, the conversation got around to Where is God?  This is a tricky subject because we cannot really locate God within linear time-dimensional space reality.  God is not a matter to be found within a materialistically based locale. In like manner, Sprit cannot be defined through the laws of quantum physics.

However, many experience a mental process and feeling of knowing both God within oneself and oneself within God.  This experience is a momentary one of union that comes and goes.  It doesn’t endure according to linear time, but rather as a depth of the instant, better defined as “eternity.”  When it leaves, one faces the dual world based in opposites, but is a trace of that instant left circulating through one’s being.  The knowing of the possibility of this union serves as a continual motivation to know it again.  And to share this possibility with others became a singular “career choice” for me.

Knowing God within is not meant to give God a location, which is an impiety, for That Without End can have no time-space location.  Rather, born in His image and likeness, there is a trace “energy” imbued in our being.  By grace, a divine light ignites this energy trace and it burns eternally. Simultaneously, we are embraced by the Intangible Reality.