ADVANCED CLASS - Rhondell's "Science of Man": A Year of Transformation - Feb 2023 - jan 2024

Using Robert Rhondell Gibson’s book, The Science of Man, this class offers a profound psycho-spiritual system for self-examination and self-development. It provides a simple matrix to understand how we develop "negative" patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, that keep us enslaved. Through 48 lessons, we learn a method of mindfulness in action where we simultaneously develop the capacity to watch our social patterns  as well as disidentify from the "ego" or "false selves."

Each week we apply the current reading to our daily challenges and obstacles to see the roadblocks that prevent us from experiencing life afresh. We examine, how we each individually react when the world does not respond to our wishes of how things ought to be whereupon we become angry, frustrated, fearful or insecure. 

You will come away with:

  •   a practice of mindfulness focused on your daily social interactions.
  •   6 ways you attempt to control others in your day to day behavior.
  •   a mindbody perspective on how your beliefs are wearing you out and making you ill.
  •   recognize the many negative beliefs that run your mechanical behavior
  •   a new perspective on what you truly value
  •   what is your purpose in living
  •   how to use the obstacles we face to further our inner growth
  •   a deeper understanding of Biblical teaching and parables

Based within the Western Spiritual Tradition, this teaching was an essential part of Jerry's work to develop our capacity to observe thoughts and feelings without judgment.


I used to base my self-worth on what people thought about me and how they treated me; more and more, that is no longer the case. I am realizing on many levels that self-esteem has nothing to do with external factors. It’s all an inside job; it’s about the stories I choose to tell myself and not the stories that others may want me to believe. The more I embody The Work, the more secure, confident, and empowered I feel. When I get caught up in my own story of how things ought to be, I remind myself to observe what is actually happening in the here and now. I find my energy shifts and I am receptive to insights, inspiration, and creative solutions to the challenges that arise.

I am deeply grateful that I had the opportunity to take your class. Thank you for not only delivering such powerful teachings, but for also holding space for the group to discuss and assimilate the information in a safe and loving environment. The support structure you provided was invaluable to me.            ~ S.D.

48 Lessons of Growth - Advanced Class
Rachel Epstein, L.Ac.

 zoom online class via computer or telephone OR receive an mp3 recording


TUITION : $1200 payable in 4 payments of $300 

payments due: Feb, May, Aug, Nov