The Alliance

Spiritual life in the West is defined by what may be called "the alliance." This is the pact made between us and the Eternal One in a dyadic (i.e. twosome) relationship. Our spiritual practice relies on maintaining this alliance despite the background noise of the world that constantly seduces us away from staying in the alliance: These include frustrations, threats, lures, intimidations, unbidden and unsolicited suggestions, and advice coming our way from without and within.

These pulls bring us constantly back to attachments and identifications to and with the habitual world of sensory and material attachment in what I call the horizontal, visible reality. The alliance is another form of attachment, but in a vertical direction, the vertical invisible reality. Here, our senses are turned toward perceptions in the vertical domain, such as we experience in short imagery exercises or longer waking dream journeys. (See my book Waking Dream Therapy.)

Maintaining the alliance keeps us spiritually sound and available to bring that energy to bear in everyday horizontal reality. When we stray from the alliance, we experience distressing emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, depression, and the like. These are signal states that alert us that we have wandered away and prompt us to return.

The Alliance Exercise

To return, simply close your eyes and see yourself imaginally walking through a door marked ALLIANCE in gold letters, and find yourself lifting your arms heavenward as you are being grasped by arms descending earthward. Then, breathe out and open your eyes.

Serving the alliance, you are served in untold beneficial ways. Leaving the alliance, suffering is likely to ensue. However, this suffering mercifully reminds us of what we have forgotten.

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