The American Dream

The American dream of wealth and fame is a concocted fantasy not available to the silent majority of 300 million people.  Rather, it is the fulfilled dream of 1% of Americans who possess more wealth than the combined bottom 90%.

Yet, in spite of evidence, the media propaganda of the American dream keeps blaring continually propagating this fiction. In fact, a recent study published by the Harvard School of Adult Development led by psychiatrist Robert Waldinger found that the secret to happiness lies in one’s social connectedness. This bolsters my work on the interconnectedness of our mental, physical, social, emotional, and moral well being on health and happiness. More recently, Waldinger’s study reports that 80% of millennials wish to be exorbitantly wealthy, while 50% wish to become famous.  

A remedy:  sober up.  Give up this inebriation, by following a spiritually based life: a simple life of having food on the table, clothing on your back, a roof over your head, and a fulfilling social and or spiritual community. No need to enslave ourselves to bowing down to the god of avarice, greed, excessive materialism and wealth that goes by the ancient name — Mammon.  In other words, live modestly, suppress the greed factor manifested so clearly in the 1%. It is an energy that leads us to decay, decompose, and breakdown.


The Watching Greed Exercise:

For seven days, before going to bed, review your day from early morning until the present moment, noting where you fell into the trap of wanting more, better and different. This could be of a material acquisition, where a little inner voice “pleads” that its not enough. Or, in a social relationship where we want the other person to change – usually to fulfill our ideal image or standard. Often you find that the emotionally charged areas of your life -- including anger, anxiety, fear -- are attached and connected by the excessiveness of greed.  When you notice the greed factor, visualize a red, hexagonal “Stop” sign appear in front of you.