Becoming One With Nature

Connecting with nature; for Earth Day Celebrations, Arbor Day, Tu'beshvat, Gaia, Spring Equinox

Close your eyes

Breathe out, long, slow exhalation through the mouth

Breathe normal inhalations through the nose.

Do that three times.

On the next long out breathe, you become one with nature.

Imagine yourself entering a forest.

Listen to the silence of the forest.

Hear all the different sounds that are constructing the silence.

Feel and know how they are weaving together.

Recognize that at the same time they are threatening and full of life.

Breathe out one time slowly.

Look at all the games and dances of shadows and lights between the trunks and the branches of the trees.

Let yourself be filled by the visions and imagery coming from them.

Breathe out one time slowly,

Smell the different fragrances. Taste the berries and the fruits.

Breathe out and open your eyes.