Beyond Belief

         Much is made of the power of beliefs in coming to know ourselves and how they influence our lives. Though powerful/effective, these beliefs are not fixed. Rather, they can be readily reversed through mental imagery and directing will from one to the other. In fact, the image is a perceptual activity enclosing a belief. In this way, reversing a belief involves seeing its opposite image. For example, to reverse the belief, “I am tired”, one need only reverse that image - see yourself sitting up straight and laughing, stretching after an energizing run, or whatever comes to your mind. Now, a new opposite belief is perceived and felt: “I am awake.” 

         As beliefs have their prominent place in giving us new direction and open possibilities, I like to reflect on the most important function we can practice and learn from the western spiritual tradition and that is intuition and intuitive respectively. In my upcoming book, Love Trumps Death, I describe how we become intuitive through the practice of intuition. For now I want to concentrate on how intuition is received by us.

         Intuition is experienced as a knowing that is not dictated by the laws governing logical, rational thinking. It’s not syllogistic in origin. Often it is associated with a bodily sensation: a gut feeling; a heart felt response; a neuro-optical flash of light(remember those “Aha!” light bulbs in comic strips?). You know without the intrusion of conditioned thinking, notably logic. You know without knowing how you know. Intuition is a “heavenly sent” message, a transmission not grounded in ordinary thinking. As such, it rises above the level of beliefs, even that of image as described in the previous example. We just know! It comes with it a certainty, an absence of distressed feelings, is aconceptual. It is beyond belief! It comes with it an insight toward some form of action (or no action as the case may be), that brings us into a progressive direction. It is a message of truth!

         Beliefs, images, placebos all have value beyond doubt. Images are a function of no time, they take place in the no-time zone. It is the intelligence of the heart. Intuition is the intelligence of the higher intelligence speaking to us.