Cleansing Imagery Exercises for the Winter Holidays

To cleanse ourselves and the world

Intention: To cleanse ourselves and the world.

Frequency: Twice per day, (morning and late afternoon) for several seconds to a minute each time.  

  • Sit up in a chair, Close your eyes, and breathe out 4X slowly (taking long slow exhalations through the mouth and normal inhalation through the nose).
  • Imagine some evil that you sense and cannot finish with. Write on a piece of paper the name of this evil. Cut it into 16 pieces. Burn the pieces of paper into an ashtray. Throw the ashes in the toilet. Flush the toilet four times.
  • Breathe out 4X 
  • Form an image in your mind of something “wrong” [an error] you have done or are doing. Put it at the center of a circle of fire. Find a way to repair it. 
  • Breathe out 2X
  • Sense in yourself the presence of something evil that is slowly depleting your energy and sapping your life.
  • Sense your digestive liquids disintegrating the evil in you. See the disintegrated particles disappearing with the excretion and exhalations of the body. Clean your bathroom. Take a long shower in your own bathroom.
  • Breathe out 2X
  • Take out of your breast the burning poisoned arrow that is poisoning your life.
  • Breathe out 1X
  • With a blowpipe, send this arrow into the Eye of a cyclone.
  • Sense the strong bright rain falling on you, cleaning out all the poison and purifying you completely.
  • Breathe out and open your eyes.

This healing visualization comes from Colette's Chanukah imagery exercises fouund in Simcha H. Benyosef’s Empowered to Heal: Therapeutic Visualizations Drawn for the Lunar Months p131-132.