The Communication & Networking Exercise

To Get a Job, to network, to increase publicity, to get referrals for clients/patients

Close your eyes. Breathe out three times slowly. See yourself into a large tv screen sitting at your desk or table. Your appointment book is open. There are many phones there ringing. You are picking up each one who is calling you to come for an interview. You are hurriedly writing down all the appointment times in your book. Breathe out one time. Outside your door is a line of people going around the block who are waiting to offer you a job. On the roof of your building are a tv antenna, radio antenna, cell phone antenna, satellite dish, telephone antenna, all of whom are sending your name out to prospective employers. There is a satellite orbiting the earth, which you see that's sending your name around the world, everywhere to get a job. Breathe out one time. After seeing all this, see yourself pushing out the image from the tv screen to the right with your right hand. Then breathe out one time and open your eyes.