A cosmological point: the preservation of our world⁄planet depends on three interdigitating factors: (1) conscience; (2) will; and (3) memory. The latter two ’ll take up in future Dr. Jerry’s Corners. Now, for the first one – conscience. Since according to the renowned mystic poet Rumi the world is run by drunkards and thieves, not to mention my discovery of murderers, we can discern one unifying theme amongst this trio: namely, an absence of conscience. This lack of care or feeling for how our actions may impact another, or concern for the condition of others, or lack of remembering the plight of the disadvantaged, is certainly brought to awareness by reported catastrophes.

I have in mind the recent earthquakes in China and the cyclone in Burma. In these instances it came clear that the thieves, drunkards and murderers were having their way. In the case of Burma the helpless masses were just mercilessly treated as dispensable shadows having no ostensible worth. In the case of China the heinous policy of murdering the babies to limit families to only one child (given the families wanted more) came back to bite them in the behind, so much so they had to revoke the one family–one child policy. We also may take note of our own backyard catastrophe in New Orleans when our government did not act appropriately.

I could go on and on about the killing fields all over the world. The point is: there is no chance for peace, collaboration, cooperation without conscience. The teaching of conscience is sorely lacking in our global educational system. But, it is with conscience where the legal and moral systems meet, where spiritual justice can prevail. It is interesting to note that in the Western bible there is one phrase that is quoted 50 times (the most oft quoted in the entire text): help the widows and orphans in their troubles and travails. Each of us can endeavor to practice conscience, not to be a thief, drunkard, murderer (this latter has many variants), values subtly encouraged in many, many societies and extolled in the media. Conscience can be learned. Without it no real spiritual evolution can take place for us individually, or collectively. Certainly, we have to take on this way personally and primarily. And, don’t expect the institutions to lead us into a conscience–based collective.

It is by becoming conscience–based individuals that we will have an impact on shifting these institutions toward social responsibility. So it was throughout history that the "outsider" came along, stirred the pot, and monumental changes, socially and spiritually, took place. This phenomenon is called "moral logic" or "qualitative logic" where the part is greater than the whole – one person affects a large mass of people. The spiritual teaching of conscience appears in such places in the wisdom literatures as the eight–fold Buddhist precepts and the Monotheistic 10 precepts or 10 laws⁄commandments. How these may be lived out or applied in our everyday life may be found in my book Healing Into Immortality, or in my 8–CD audio set The Natural Laws of Self Healing.