Coveting: The 10th Cosmic Law ⁄ Precept

The 10th Cosmic Law states: Do Not Covet. Coveting consists of eight distinct components covering the essence of this term "covet." The eight are:

  1.    envy
  2.    jealousy
  3.    competition
  4.    comparing
  5.    claiming for oneself what doesn’t belong to oneself
  6.    possessing for oneself what doesn’t belong to oneself
  7.    avarice
  8.    greed

Envy vs Jealousy

Envy means wanting what someone else has. It refers to a two–party situation. Jealousy means wanting who you have. It refers to a three–party situation. Envy contains the seed cause for war. Jealousy contains the seed cause for murder.

From envy and jealousy spring competition and comparing. These two characteristics are ubiquitous in human relationships. Competition governs innumerable endeavors such as: sports, economics, dating, education, to name a few. Comparisons have constantly been thrown in your face since you were young. These unnecessary measuring devices stimulate envy and add all the dire ramifications ensuing from there as well as from competition.

Naturally, envy and jealousy give birth to possessing and claiming what does not really belong to us. Just think about whom in your life has attempted to lay claim to you or to stake possession or possessiveness to you, your time, attention, property, or whatever.

Avarice & Greed

It brings us to avarice and greed. Avarice is an extreme impulse to acquire, hoard, gobble up, overstep boundaries, while greed represents wanting more, better, and different with its attendant feeling of discontent with the blessings already available or apparent in your life. Can we think of a more representative quality than greed to define a primary – if not the primary – value system propelling American society?

Of course, we can penetrate deeply into each one of these properties discussed above, but here I think a nice schematic outline can suffice to start everyone paying attention to how we may be exercising one or more of these covetous qualities. Perhaps, in doing so, you might begin to see how they may be destructively influencing your life.

The 10 Commandments Protect from Discord and Insanity

In future Dr. Jerry’s Corner comments I shall define the disturbances associated with each of the other 10 cosmic laws as they pertain to our everyday life. Next will be the Ninth Law: Don’t bear false witness.

I'm particularly emphasizing these 10 cosmic laws for without them to act as a beacon to guide our life we shall incessantly create the misery, suffering, discord and insanity that dominate the world in which we live and to⁄in which we are mutually participating and contributing… unless we choose to do otherwise.