Creating Abundance

Envy and Fear Drive Our Culture of Lack

We live in a “culture of lack” that drives our never-ending acquisition, hyper-materialism and envy.  Always lurking below the surface affairs of everyday life, is the modern day tension of the need to acquire ever more fed by our sub rosa fears of poverty and destitution.  This engine drives the will to get something at any cost. 


We Create Abundantly all the Time

In truth, however, there is no lack of abundance; our emotional and mental life are constantly creating. Inwardly there is no famine when it comes to what stories we can mentally conjure or what distressing emotions we can experience: self pity, regret, depression, anxiety, fear, worry, guilt, shame, anger, jealousy, hostility, etc... Piled on to this are creative  thoughts, artistic inspirations, feelings of joy, happiness, contentment, peace, love, elation and all the rest. In fact, everywhere I turn there are wheat fields of  amber waves of grain available to me. Moment to moment, I simply choose which field of abundance I wish to plough: the abundant field of negativity and fear, or the abundant field of peace and joy.  Either field is an authentic choice knowing as I do that  I can be in charge of my inner state of being. When I choose from the field of abundant joy, this abundance will reflect itself in the abundance I experience coming to me from the outside world. 


Live Simply, Not Poorly

Thus Porgy in Gershwin’s opera can loudly and happily sing “I got plenty of nothing and nothing is plenty for me.”  I am not advocating material poverty, just the notion that we can muster a lot more abundant joy in our life if we desire it, and concurrently live a simpler, but content material life as well. Likewise, our inner state of being is never dependent on outer material manifestations. Yes, you can bring up the tyrants of history that have enslaved millions, but most of us are held hostage to our own internal tyrants terrorists and demons that we then assume are enslaving us from the outside - i.e., the government, our relatives, our status, our bank accounts, our lacks, etc. The latter are really manifestations of our inner discontent. 


Drop the Blame Game

How can we choose the field of abundant joy? There are many techniques outlined in my books such as Healing into Immortality, Kabbalah for Inner Peace, and CD’s, Emotional Mastery and the Phoenix Process.  But we can all start by just noting how abundantly we choose from the field of negativity and blame. Keep a list for a week of how often you blame the outside world for your troubles.