Cure vs Healing

    A subtle misdirection has burrowed into way, like a worm, into the public media where they, together with the conventional medical establishment are constantly using the words heal and healing. These terms are not applicable to, nor consistent with the medical model, which has never regarded healers - the purveyors of healing - as legitimate, and truth to tell, treating them as frauds. 

    From their point of view - irrelevant as it might be - the purveyors of cure are correct. Healing means coming into wholeness, a unifying experience, visibly attended by the repair of an organ, condition, or overall state of healing for inexplicable reasons beyond what logic or medical sciences can account for. Many cases of healing have taken place at Lourdes, as attested to by a team of medical doctors, for which no explanation in medical science can be found. 

    Cure, on the other hand, is a term properly assigned to medical success. It represents and reflects (an often temporary) alleviation of symptoms, or bodily derangement following the application of a known quantity of a substance or even an operation on a body parts. The use of “cure” implies that something might occur then again. There is no guarantee of the fix being permanent. It is analogous to the medical term “remission”, which implies the cancer has abated or even disappeared, but is most likely then to return again. 

    Since medical science is objectively based, dependent on what can be measured, calculated, and quantified, there can be no place for a metaphysically based science based on qualitatively existing forces like, love, faith, hope, imagination, will or life force as these are non-substantial. That is they are not palpable, measurable substances, and thus, have no meaning or value. 

    Despite the wealth of data supporting the truth of healing, the denial by the medical establishment and mainstream media of its truth continue to gull the easily manipulable public into rejecting the presence and power of healing. One obvious reason for the assault on metaphysical science is that healing potential exists in each of us negating the need, at first, to resort to outside agents, be they other “experts” or pharmaceutical products. Here freedom exists to discover ones innate source of repair that is given to us at birth as an inalienable right.