The Danielle Rigg Exercise for Breast Cancer

Building the Bridge of Health through the Milk of Human Kindness

Frequency: Do this exercise three times a day for 21 days – early AM, 5 PM, before bed, for 12–20 seconds each the first week, 10–15 seconds the second week, up to 10 seconds the third week. Use whatever intention you choose for purposes of healing breast cancer.

Close your eyes and breathe out three times slowly (BO3x). See yourself at the center of the universe floating among the stars. Look up and see tiers of women in circles with naked breasts, their milk flowing from their breasts connecting each to the next, and then forward to the next tier of women. The circles get smaller as they get nearer to you and end with just one woman, your mother, in the center. (This is like a pictograph of what the breast and milk ducts actually look like. These women behind your mother represent her mother, your friends, your grandmother, your great–grandmother, etc…)

Breathe out one time and see your mother’s breast full of the milk of human kindness and health from these generations and see yourself latch perfectly onto her right breast. See yourself drawing milk from her breast, see it dripping out of the corners of your mouth. See her holding you and singing and stroking you as you nurse. See the milk flow down into your breasts, cleansing and healing all tissues.

Breathe out one time slowly and see your own child now, beneath you curled up on your lap. See her latch onto your breast and nurse contentedly.

See the whole image from a distance as a giant bridge with you, your mother, and your daughter at the center.

As you return to your chair, see the scene receding from you knowing that health has been created and you are nurtured, nourished and free of cancer.